Location:                  86051 Hamilton Street; Yulee, FL  32097
Phone:                      904-225-9355
Fax:                            904-225-9262

Contact Person:     Janet Cunningham
Email:                     Janetcunningham@thearcnassau.org
Program Hours:     8:00 a.m. – 4:00 by appointment

Program Description:  Nassau Works provides services to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to obtain and maintain employment.

Nassau Works will work with you to prepare for employment, review your abilities and skills, identify your career goals, outreach to employers, provide on the job training opportunities, job coaching where needed, assist with applications, resumes, interview skills, soft skills and follow up with you and the employer to ensure success.


Persons Served/Program Eligibility:  Individuals with Disabilities served: Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, intellectual disabilities and other types of development disabilities and may include other intellectual, mental or physical challenges. Individuals with other disabilities will also be considered.  Individuals must express a desire and interest to obtain and maintain competitive community based employment.


Services Provided:  Nassau Works will provide services to Vocational Rehabilitation clients as assigned and agreed upon as well as other individuals requesting services on a case-by-case basis. Services will include Discovery, Pre-Placement Training, Employment Services (short term), Supported Employment (long term) and follow along services.  These services include career exploration, job development and development of work place supports.

  • Pre-employment training – Update your job readiness by becoming familiar with basic skills for success.
  • Discovery – Find your interests and abilities
  • Volunteer opportunities – Learn the value of volunteering to learn new skills and give back to the community.
  • On the Job Training – An opportunity to increase skills and discover new areas of interest and ability. A chance to learn about expectations, policies and workplace rules and regulations.
  • Employment Services – Assistance in finding the right job for you. Learn to navigate the online and in person job applications, interviews, and work environments.
  • Supported Employment – Coaching to help you land that job and keep that job. Learn skills with support of your employer and a coach.


Values in Supported Employment

The Values and Principles underpinning Nassau Works Employment Program are completely consistent with the concepts of empowerment, social inclusion, dignity and respect for individuals.

In the framework of Supported Employment those concepts can be further defined by the following values and principles that are present at all supported employment stages and activities:


Nassau Works Employment Program regards each individual as unique, with his / her own interests, preferences, conditions and life history.


Nassau Works Employment Program activities are always age appropriate, dignifying and enhancing.


Nassau Works Employment Program assists individuals to improve their interests and preferences, express their choices, and define their employment / life plan according to personal and contextual conditions. It promotes the principles of self-advocacy by individuals.

Informed choice

Nassau Works Employment Program assists individuals to understand their opportunities fully so they can choose consistently within their preferences and with an understanding of the consequences of their choices.


Nassau Works Employment Program assists individuals to make decisions in regards to their work based on their skills, abilities and interests.  Individuals are involved in the planning, evaluation and development of services.


Nassau Works Employment Program considers information given by individuals served as confidential. The individual has access to his/her personal information gathered by the provider and any disclosure is at the discretion of and with the agreement of the individual.


Staff and organizational structures are able to change according to the needs of the individuals. Services are flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals and can be adapted to meet specific requirements. Facilities and information are fully accessible to all people with disabilities.


Nassau Works Employment Program facilities and information are fully accessible to all people with disabilities.

Nassau Works provides support to people with disabilities or other disadvantaged groups to secure and maintain paid employment in the competitive labor market”.