Adult Day Training is a multi-faceted program that includes a wide range of educational and motivational daily activities in partnership with The Arc Nassau’s Life & Job Skills Development, Community Inclusion and Transportation programs.

Weekdays, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the The Arc Nassau facility is buzzing with activity as individuals participate in art, music, cooking, yoga and many other classes. Weather permitting, outdoor recreational time is integrated into the day along with ongoing reinforcements for achieving specific goals.

For example, The Arc Nassau’s staff maintains a Certificate of Accomplishment Reward Program for the participating individuals, aligning daily choice activities with program goals. After an individual completes his or her activities within a specified period, a reward certificate is issued redeemable for a small reward.

Our highly qualified Adult Day Training staff maintains daily and monthly progress reports to monitor the success of each individual’s tailored program. Through daily and monthly progress notes, individual implementation plans, monthly client meetings, annual summaries, and annual support plan reviews with designated parties, the individuals and their caregivers can see how he or she is progressing. (There is no end date to our Adult Day Training Program and our activities are continuous.)

To learn more about The Arc Nassau’s programs and services, please contact  Patricia Lannon-White, Program Manager, at or call (904) 225-9355.

About The Arc Nassau’s Life & Job Skills Development Program

An important element of our Adult Day Training is our Life & Job Skills Development Program, which provides valuable interactive and educational classes that teach participants how to manage a wide range of everyday tasks. The Arc Nassau’s professional staff works with participants to convey, for example, how to manage money, cook meals, perform household cleaning, use a computer, follow sound health and safety procedures, learn social skills, and participate in art and music expression.

About The Arc Nassau’s Community Inclusion Program

Individualized training in recreation/leisure settings enables individuals with disabilities to become more integrated into their local community. Our Community Inclusion Program teaches individuals how to use the library, public recreational facilities and other community-based resources. Community Inclusion helps our individuals improve their social interaction skills and gain confidence in real-life settings.

About The Arc Nassau’s Transportation Service

Transportation is a critical success factor for our programs and services. Without it, the individuals we serve probably would not be able to participate. Professionally staffed vehicles transport individuals to and from their homes in Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Callahan, Hilliard and Bryceville.

Monday through Friday of each week, we provide door-to-door transportation for eligible Medicaid Waiver individuals from their homes to the The Arc Nassau and off-site work locations. The Arc Nassau also provides no-cost transportation to and from local events and activities, which enhances community involvement.

About RESPECT Off-Site Employment

Regardless of an individual’s disability, securing employment is challenging. The Arc Nassau is committed to providing employment and other opportunities for its individuals such as full- and part-time off-site employment at RESPECT of Florida locations managed by The Arc Nassau. RESPECT is the central, not-for-profit agency of the Florida Department of Management Services that works with Florida organizations employing persons with disabilities.

The Arc Nassau is contracted with RESPECT of Florida to manage off-site wage earning opportunities for individuals performing general maintenance services at the Florida Welcome Center and weigh stations located on I-95 in Nassau County at the Georgia-Florida border.

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