Eligibility Requirements for Nassau Works

  1. The desire to work
  2. The commitment to work with an employment specialist to assist you in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community.
  3. Your physical or mental disability interferes with your ability to become employed
  4. You need assistance to find or keep a job.
  5. Live in Nassau or County or close to Nassau County in the State of Florida.
  6. Be willing to be referred to the state VocRehab office to determine eligibility and funding for services.

Nassau Works is currently working with individuals with the following disabilities:  Autism Spectrum, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual disabilities and other types of developmental disabilities.

Formula for Success with Nassau Works

  • If your VR counselor refers you to Nassau Works you will work with your Employment Coach.
  • Work with your Employment Consultant or Employment Specialist (Coach)
  • Continue to communicate with both your VR counselor and Employment Coach
  • Work with your Employment Coach in
    • Career Exploration
    • resume writing,
    • filling out applications,
    • learning interview skills,
    • finding and following through with job leads,
    • learning how to network,
    • mock interviews,
    • informational interviews,
    • short term work experiences,
    • on-the-job training opportunities and
    • advocating with employers
    • On and off the job coaching and Advocacy and work place supports
  • Working with Nassau Works is a partnership between you and your Employment Coach and requires a commitment.
    • Come to all your scheduled appointments
    • Contact us if you are not able to come
    • Follow up on job leads and any assignments given to you by your Coach
    • Actively job seek on your own and communicate with your Employment coach


We will assist YOU and support YOU in YOUR job search.