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Faye Johnson, Executive Director
Executive Director Faye Johnson has more than 30 years of private and public service experience ranging from community development to business management to nonprofit oversight. Faye joined The Arc Nassau in 2008 as an interim director and was retained as executive director in January 2009.
Tammy Hamilton, Program Manager
Program Manager Tammy Hamilton is our Adult Day Training manager and has more than 14 years of experience, ranging from a licensed practical nurse to an instructor for adults with disabilities. In addition, Tammy has seven years of experience working as an intensive day treatment supervisor. She currently is enrolled in Coastal Georgia College, studying for her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences.
Dawn Rhoden, Accounting/Human Resources Specialist
Accounting/Human Resources Specialist Dawn Rhoden has more than 15 years of financial experience in a range of positions, including small business ownership and financial expertise in accounts payable, receivables, inventory and payroll. To augment and strengthen The Arc Nassau’s financial management, we retain a certified public accountant to provide ongoing quarterly oversight reviews in addition to the annual audit of The Arc Nassau’s financial statements.
Angie Brown, Adult Day Training/Supported Living
Angie Brown has served in multiple capacities at The Arc Nassau throughout the past seven years. Currently, as our Supported Living Coordinator, she provides independent living assistance to a number of our individuals. She also works as part of the Adult Day Training team.

Our Adult Day Training Staff:

  • CiCi Moyers
  • Becky McKendree
  • Tracy Dawson

Our Transportation Staff Drivers:

  • Hosea Palmer
  • Freddie Mason
  • Darnell Adams

Our RESPECTof Florida Staff:

Manager Bob Koepf